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    Dear Parents/Guardians who use the My School Bucks Mobile App,

    On 3/24, you should receive an email from MySchoolBucks/Heartland to inform you that an update to the latest version (5.1.2) of the Mobile App is required. It includes a number of security enhancements.

    Later next week, all previous versions of the mobile app will no longer allow users to access their accounts or make payments.

    If you need assistance or have questions, please call
    855-832-5226 or email

    Thank you,

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    Fields Memorial School
  • Please check your child(ren)'s lunch account at

    We appreciate your help with this matter.

    Fields Memorial School
  • Kindergarten Registration Packet can be downloaded here.

    Fields Memorial School

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Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Breakfast Prices


Breakfast Prices  
Full     $1.50
Reduced  $0.40
A La Carte Prices  
English Muffins  $0.50
Muffin  $0.75
Cereal  $0.50
Graham Crackers  $0.50
Bagel  $0.75
Milk  $0.55
Juice  $0.25
Fruit  $0.50
Donuts  $1.00
Yogurt  $0.50
Breakfast Bars  $0.75
Breakfast Stick (Sausage wrapped in a pancake)  $1.00
Egg Sandwich  $1.00
Pancakes  $0.75
PBJ  $1.00
PreKindergarten Prices  
Milk  $0.55

Lunch Prices


Student Lunch Prices  
K-8 Student Lunch (milk included) 
K-8 Student Milk
Ice Cream
Chips  $0.75
Cookies  $0.25
Water  $1.00, $0.75, $0.50
Canned Fruit Juice  $1.50
Fruit and Vegetables ala cart

An alternate to the regular entree is available. It changes weekly.
Students in Grades 3-8 may choose a chef salad (greens, veggies, meat and cheese, choice of dressing, roll, choice of fruit, milk.
Peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and fluff sandwiches are available to K-8 students on a daily basis.
Preschool Prices  
Milk  $0.55
Staff Lunch Prices  
Lunch (milk included)  $3.50
Chef Salad (milk included)  $3.50
Salad (no meat or cheese)  $3.00
"Bowl of Veggies" Salad  $2.00
Ala Carte Entree  $3.00
Adult Milk  $0.60
Sandwiches  $2.00

Student Number and Lunch ID

If you wish to sign up for mySchoolBucks you will need to know your child(ren)'s Student Number. Many children know their lunch ID which is four digits. They use the same number to check out library books. If you put a 1 in front of the Lunch ID you will have the number you need to sign up with mySchoolBucks. If you need assistance with this number please contact

Paying for Food Services -

Fields Memorial School Food Services

When you register with an account at, you can deposit funds into your child's cafeteria account online. If you deposit $50 or more at a time you will receive one free lunch for each $50 you deposit to offset the convenience fee. The convenience fee is $2.49 per deposit transaction. Parents placing deposits in multiple accounts will not be assessed an additional convenience fee for deposits made during the same online transaction.

You can also deposit funds in your child's account by sending cash or check to the school.

If you register for an account, you can use your account to view your child's cafeteria transactions for the last 30 days. This feature is available to anyone who registers for an account. You are not required to make deposits online for this feature to be available to you.

Update on Electronic Transactions in the Child Nutrition Program

Info about SNAP - Are you eligible?