• Fields Memorial School is accepting applications for Teacher and Registered Nurse Substitutes for the 2019-2020 school year, to be filled on an as-needed basis.  Applications available on the school website or stop in at FMS office.
  • Information about Summer Reading Challenge and Summer Math Challenge.
  • Register now for Adult Education Programs.  Learn More 
  • ADA Website Compliance - Our district is evaluating our website for ADA compliance. If you have difficultly accessing our site or have questions or feedback about our ADA compliance, please contact
  • Dear Parents/Guardians who use the My School Bucks Mobile App,
    If you need assistance or have questions, please call  855-832-5226 or email
    Please remember to check you child(ren)'s lunch account at

Did you know BigBrainz, Accelerated Reader360 and ALEKS can all be used from home?

  • Use Big Brainz (Grades K-8) at home to practice Math Facts (+, -, *, ÷) -  Login in here:  Our site code is 0900390.
  • Accelerated Reader360 accounts are active all year from home for students in Grade 2 and above.
  • Student in grades 5-8 have ALEKS accounts that can be accessed from home at
  • Please contact Mrs. Leask for usernames and/or passwords.

Students can also practice keyboarding skills at home with Type to Learn.

  • Type to Learn is now cloud based and can be accessed at
  • If assistance is needed with usernames and/or passwords, please contact Mrs. Leask. Our district's code for Type to Learn is 150127. 


Kindergarten registration packet can be downloaded   here. 




Fields Memorial School uses Blackboard MyConnect for our mass notification services.

  • You can access our MyConnect site @ Click the Sign Me Up! link to setup your account.
  • You can also manage your contact information and subscribe to receive messages from the Bozrah School District using the Blackboard MyConnect app for Android and iOS. You can select the kinds of messages you wish to receive and the mode of delivery (audio, text, email).
  • Please note that after you add your contact information you need to select which phone numbers and email addresses to use for outreach communications. Emergency messages are sent to all contacts but outreach messages are only sent to the contacts selected in Subscriptions.

Tips for using Blackboard Connect:

  • If you are listening to a message and did not hear part of it, press the * key at anytime to repeat the message.
  • You can retrieve messages that were recently sent by dialing 855-473-7529 from a registered phone (one that is on file to receive messages). This is called the Blackboard Connect Replay Number.
  • When you call the Replay number, the system will play a welcome message and automatically detect the number you're calling from. Press # to confirm the number is correct.
  • If you are subscribed to multiple institutions (a high school and an elementary school in the same district, for example) the system will list the institutions with a corresponding number.  Use your phone to select an option.
  • Once you've selected an institution, the system will list out the most recent messages sent to that phone.
  • Use the keypad on your phone to select which message to replay.
  • When you're done, simply hang up.
  • NOTE:  The Replay number will only replay phone messages and will not repeat messages sent as SMS or email.  
  • The Replay number will not work with phones that have caller ID blocked.