Transportation: Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival: Parent Drop-Off Procedures

Parents arriving before 8:20 am, should pull into the bus lane all the way to the end (blue line on diagram).  At 8:15, all cars parked along the sidewalk can unload students safely at the same time and walk right into the cafeteria.  

Parents arriving at or after 8:20 am, should continue to use the parking lane and students will cross at the crosswalk.

We hope this will allow more cars to drop off at once and speed up the process so parents can be on their way more quickly.  We also expect that this will get cars off the main road and allow for a safer experience.  


Dismissal: Parent Pick-Up Procedures

Where to Park?

Parents picking up students at regular dismissal time can park in the regular lots or on the blacktop (past the playground) at regular dismissal time.

How and where do I meet my child(ren)?

Parents should meet a staff member at the gym door across from the blacktop.  The staff member will check off that parents have their kids and then families can proceed back to their vehicles to depart.

Do I need to call in advance?

The procedure is much quicker if you call, send in a note, or email the office ( in advance.  Parents can be added to the "permanent pick up list" or they can call ahead on any day that they are picking up a student instead of having them take the bus.  When a parent calls ahead or sends in a note, the name of the student is added to the list and the student is dismissed with all other "pick up" students.  If the office is not informed in advance, the student may be in the classroom waiting, or possibly already loaded aboard the bus when you get to the gym door.  

Please be careful in the parking lot with many small children being dismissed.

Early Dismissals

Early dismissals should be avoided. Students miss more instructional time than is realized when they leave school before the end of the day. Many appointments cannot be avoided, but please try and avoid this when possible.  Parents who need to pick their child(ren) up early should plan to do so before 2:30 pm.  Dismissals after 2:30 pm are disruptive to the teacher and class as homework and final instructions for the day are being given. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.


Please call, send a note, or email the office (krondeau) in advance for early dismissals when possible!   This speeds up the process of having your child ready when you arrive.